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5 Easy to Care for Plants for Your Landscape

Not everyone was born with a green thumb. The natural ability to know what to plant and when is a skill that many people either do not possess or don’t have time to nurture. The good news is there are some great plants which are both low maintenance and beautiful which will spruce up your landscaping without the work.

The most important aspect of choosing easy to care for plants is to understand your environment. Talk to your local nursery and ask about native plants for your area and choose from among those. In general, these 5 plants will work in more climates and require very little effort.


  1. Geraniums: With a variety of colors, these easy to maintain plants add color to any yard.

  2. Ferns: Ferns are green most of the year and propagate without much effort. Simple, occasional trimming is all that’s required.

  3. Bulbs: Bulbs come in many varieties and come back year after year. Consider irises and daffodils to add some seasonal color.

  4. Juniper: This slow-growing evergreen smells wonderful and is unaffected by harsh winters or warm summers.

  5. Decorative Grasses: Grasses come in many colors from gray to purple and add texture and interest.